The gadget for professional videos and photos

Blurry videos are so yesterday – today we got the Smartphone Gimbal by Freevision VILTA-M. The multi awarded 3-axis Gimbal is a technical marvel. Because of it’s performance characteristics, the VILTA-M is convincing not only prestigious testers, but rather also professional and amateur photographers. NOPAR International has presented this Gimbal quite successful on different trade fairs.

Freevision VILTA-M is making your phone smart!

Every iOS- or Android-Smartphone (width of 48 – 85mm) will become a professional camera with the GIMBAL VILTA-M ( Thanks to an app by Freevision, the smartphone and the Gimbal will cohere and have a much better performance than conventional cameras. Photos will not be shaky anymore and videos will be breathtaking. A special control-kernel of the 3-axis Gimbal will stabilize your camera 20 times better than other products on the market. The battery has a performance of over 17 hours, for filming all day or night.

Now available in the NOPAR-Shop!